Ark PVE Server Cluster

(new rates of 4.5x are currently active)(Last Wipe 7/29/2021)(Next Wipe TBA)

While our server is slightly boosted by around 4x official rates (see Server Settings for more details), our cluster operates without any mods, which allows players from both Epic games and Steam to enjoy gameplay together. If you are a steam player interested in the quality of life changes offered by mods, check out our Modded Cluster. If you have any concerns or issues, including loss of tames, items, or character, because of server side issues, please contact an Admin on the Christian Influence Discord server.

Additionally, remember that while this is a Christian server, not everybody on the internet respects those values (some out of ignorance and others out of spite), so be vigilant and report any issues that you see so that we can be swift in keeping our spaces safe for players of all ages.

Experience = 3
Harvesting = 3
Enabled PVP Gamma = True
Taming Speed = 3
Taming = 3
Breeding = 3
Mating Interval = 0.5
Baby Imprint Interval = 0.57
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier = 3
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier = 3.5
Lay Egg Interval Multiplier = 3.5
Mating Interval Multiplier = 0.3
Mating Speed Multiplier = 3.5
Crop Growth = 3.0
Cave Damage = 6.0
Player Food/Water Consumption = 0.5
PvP Structure Decay = True
Always Allow Structure Pickup=True
Admin Logging = True
Floating Damage = True
Disable Structure Placement Collision=true
Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier=3
Prevent Offline PvP=True
Prevent Offline PvP Interval=1800
Prime Meat and Similar Stack to 15

We also follow the official Studio Wildcard    Code of Conduct for Ark: Survival Evolved. Any breach of their rules or ours will result in punishment.

Attention: These rules are subject to change, including deletions, additions, and alterations, at any time.


1.1 English only in global.

1.2 Ensure you do not inflict any form of misconduct. Do not try and force dictatorship, blackmail others, create toxicity and ruin the game for other players in the community. This includes but is not limited to language which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, encouraging self-harm, sexually explicit, racially or ethnically offensive. This is a PVP server, therefore light-hearted trash-talking is tolerated to a degree so long as it does not become toxic or otherwise break the abovementioned rules.

1.3 You must always use legitimate character, tribe and tame name(s). It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. “Human”, “Survivor”, “Admin”, “GM”, “Player”, “123”, “321”, “OneTwoThree”, “□□□” or anything similar is not allowed.

1.4 Account sharing and the use of alternative accounts is strictly forbidden.

1.5 Insiding is completely forbidden, this includes but is not limited to; leaving a tribe and taking items with you without tribe leader consent, disabling defenses to allow entry to another tribe, or causing destruction from within the base prior to or after leaving the tribe. The tribe leader has full ownership and can deal with tribe belongings and its respective roster as he or she pleases.

1.6 Tribes are required to have the same tribe name & members across all maps when playing on our cluster. Players are not permitted to tribe up with members not in their tribe on other maps to perform PvE or PvP – Exceptions can be made when running Genesis Boss Fights & Skiff crafts for trading only.​


2.1 Do not block access, build inside, on, or near the following points of interest unless actively farming, utilizing, or PvP’ing; if any structures are found in these areas with a render timer more than 1 hour old, they will be removed without warning.

  • Player Spawn Points
  • Wyvern Scars
  • Genesis Volcano
  • Obelisks

2.2 You may not place structures on top of your or another’s player model making them completely concealed, immobilized or invulnerable is forbidden. This rule does not apply to dinos.

2.3 The use of unintended building mechanics raiding method utilizing foundations, pillars, ramps, walls, & ceilings to build tunnels and enclosed pathways into enemy foundation claim range bypassing enemy turrets & defenses with the intent of destroying them from close proximity. Clarification: This rule DOES NOT apply to platform saddle creatures or to rafts & motorboats.


3.1 Despawning or popcorning of your tribes belongings during raid defenses when facing imminent base destruction, essentially preventing the attackers from any deserved loot is strictly forbidden. Open world popcorning is considered an exception and is allowed.

3.2 Tribes are not permitted to “team” when it comes to PvP. This includes but is not limited to things such as (1) joint raids against one or more tribes (2) simultaneously defending a tribe from another tribes attacks, coordinated attacks and more. PvE Teaming however, is allowed. Please see rule 3.5 for PvE Teaming engagements.

3.3 Open World third partying – You are allowed to third party open world encounters as long as you are actively fighting against all involved tribes evenly. If your tribe log is found to be overwhelmingly in favor of one tribe over another – this will be considered teaming.

3.4 Raids third partying – You are allowed to third party raids as long as you actively make a legitimate attempt to destroy the attackers and/or defenders evenly. You are required to attempt the raid yourself if you are successful in neutralizing the original attackers. Continuously sniping from afar – even if you are sniping all parties, without any actual attempt to destroy FOBs/Bases is forbidden.

3.5 If you are actively PvE teaming with another tribe(s) and a 3rd party tribe engages you in PvP, you are allowed to defend yourselves together.

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