Java and Bedrock – Minecraft Server

With the Geyser and Floodgate plugins, we are able to make our Java server available to Bedrock users as well. So whether you are playing on a tablet, phone, windows PC or other device, you can join us at using the port 25565.

Minecraft server ip: Port: 25565

If you have any concerns or issues, including loss of structures, items, or character, because of server side issues, please contact an Admin on the Christian Influence Discord server or through our email on our contact page.

Plugins (18):

  • AdvancedRegionMarket
  • ArmoredElytra
  • DiscordSRV
  • Essentials
  • EssentialsChat
  • EssentialsProtect
  • EssentialsSpawn
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit (WorldEdit)
  • floodgate-bukkit
  • Geyser-Spigot,
  • Harbor
  • HeadsPlus
  • LuckPerms
  • MobDrops
  • QuickShop
  • Vault
  • WorldGuard
  • CoreProtect

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